The EU does not acknowledge Lukashenko as a legitimate president

On Thursday the High Representative of the EU, Josep Borrell, published the declaration on behalf of the European Union, which says „Belarusian citizens deserve the right to be represented by those they freely choose through new inclusive, transparent and credible elections,“ once again praising the courage of Belarusian people for enduring brutal repressions of the authorities

Photo Credits to Andrei Stasevich / BelTA

„The European Union does not recognize their falsified results. On this basis, the so-called „inauguration“ of 23 September 2020 and the new mandate claimed by Aleksandr Lukashenko lack any democratic legitimacy“ – says the EU.

The inaugural ceremony was held on September 23rd with no beforehand announcement and only a few hundred top government officials present. Parts of the city were obstructed and public transportation was suspended. More than 5000 people gathered in the streets of Minsk to protest the inauguration, but the crowd was dismantled by the police using tear gas and water cannons.

Despite the pleas from the main opponent of Lukashenko’s regime, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, to impose sanctions and take tenacious actions against the existing regime, the EU has failed to act accordingly. Cyprus persists to adjourn the EU decision to impose sanctions against Belarus, until similar actions are not taken against Turkey, for its contended actions in the Mediterranean Sea. The EU leaders plan to meet once again on October 1st in Brussels to make a unanimous decision.

„The EU remains convinced that inclusive national dialogue and responding positively to the demands of the Belarusian people for new democratic elections are the only way forward in finding a way out of the serious political crisis in Belarus that respects the wishes of the Belarusian people. In light of the current situation, the EU is reviewing its relations with Belarus“ – says the foreign minister of the EU.