New Edition of Michelle Obama’s Memoir „Becoming“

Michelle Obama’s best-selling memoir, Becoming, will shortly be available in a young readers’ edition that features additional content from the former first lady and is meant for the younger audience.

Photo Credits to Scott Olson/Getty Images

According to a release from Publisher Penguin, Becoming will be accessible in both – young reader edition and a paperback version, starting on March 2nd. As per the website of the author, the edition of the young reader is hardcover and designed for children aged 10 and above.

According to the book’s website, the new edition also includes a new introduction “for kids”, along with three full-color illustration attachments, as well as “a letter from the author to her younger self, and a book club guide with 20 discussion questions and a 5-question Q&A.”

In her Instagram blog entry, she posts that writing a book that has sold over 15 million copies worldwide ever since publication in November 2018 has been “one of the most freeing experiences of my life”. 

Obama urged the younger generation to share their impressions while reading regarding this piece by using the #IAmBecoming hashtag and tagging it in their social media platforms in order it to be a conversation starter. “I hope that as you are reading my story, you’ll also think about your own – because it’s the most beautiful gift you’ll ever have” – she writes.

Becoming also was an inspiration for the 2020 Netflix documentary about her post-White House life and career, while including a 34-city book tour experience and behind the scenes.