Creative Caucasus hosts Finland-Caucasus Creative Forum

Creative Caucasus hosts Finland-Caucasus Creative Forum in newly opened Bolnisi Museum, representing Kvemo Kartli educational, touristic and scientific research center.

The project brings together emerging professionals, women entrepreneurs and artists from cultural and creative fields, and serves as a space for resource-sharing, development and collaboration between leading Finnish professionals and creative industry organizations from the Caucasus. Finland-Caucasus Creative Forum follows up on last year’s Batumi Regional Conference on Women Empowerment with participation of 20 leading female entrepreneurs, cultural managers and artists from South Caucasus countries.

Women Empowerment in South Caucasus project aims to facilitate closer collaboration between South Caucasus region and Finland by focusing on women entrepreneurs from three Caucasus countries.

The project is supported by the office of the Roving Ambassador of Finland to South Caucasus.

Forum Agenda

Only fully vaccinated individuals will be allowed to attend the Forum;

Creative Caucasus is a Tbilisi based not-for-profit organization that develops creative entrepreneurship and startup culture in Georgia and the Caucasus.;