Temple Pharmacy | Luna Flowers & Sabana Will Release a New Album

Luna Flowers & Sabana will release their first English-language album titled “Temple Pharmacy.” The upcoming album is part of an expansive creative universe. Embedded within the post-Civ fantasy world of Lulax, the wider release includes 7000 NFT avatars, a clothing and jewelry collection, and a growing global community.

“Psychedelic like a prayer song, Temple Pharmacy is a spirited trip through Tbilisi’s streets, trailing Luna Flowers and his friends as they emancipate their minds from the Soviet ruins of malaise.
Released as a joint album with Luna Flowers’ long-time producer, it combines lyrical “motion-description-poetry” with Sabana’s fast-paced, mystical soundscapes.
The first English-language album from Georgia’s most prolific rapper forms part of a more expansive creative universe, telling stories within stories – like fractals of time.”

Temple Pharmacy is a portal into the post-civil world of Lulax. Interconnecting fictional and non-fictional worlds; this expansive world will tell stories through animation, comics, clothing, books, merchandise and more. Growing through multiform projects linked directly to the Temple Pharmacy universe, the central tenet of world-building is an NFT collection of avatars that give token-holders first-place access to limited drops.

Temple Pharmacy has created a community centred around questions, theories, and a lore that manifest a new universe built on the bedrock of ancient spirituality scattered amongst the ruins of Lulax like stardust.


Born as Maxime Machaidze in 1997 and formerly known as Luna997, Luna Flowers is a musical artist, designer, and activist born, schooled, and shaped in Tbilisi, Georgia.

His prominent, prolific voice and vision is poured into his unique brand of psychedelic rap, which has prompted social progress and seismic shifts in local youth culture.

His web-based label LTFR music has over 100 million views. A propensity for creating installation art from scavenged soviet artefacts has seen his works exhibited around the world and helped turn Tbilisi’s renowned Stamba hotel into an immersive art collection.