2020 US election polls: Trump-Biden race

Today American voters will choose their president for next four years. Republican incumbent president Donald Trump is racing against Democratic Party nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Photo Credits to AFP

National polls are a good way to determine which candidate is more popular across the country, but they do not necessarily define the result of the election, as we saw in 2016. 4 years ago, pollsters failed to accurately represent voters with no college degree. As a result, Donald Trump’s advantage in some swing states was not detected until late in the race.

But 2020 election is one of the most extraordinary elections in the history of the United States. Because of uncertainty among people due to the pandemic and rapidly changing environment, all polls must be read with skepticism.

More than 100 million people have already cast their ballots, submitted through in-person early voting and by mail, which is the highest turnout in a century. Both candidates are spending the last hours of the race in key swing states, also known as Battleground states. According to the final polls, Joe Biden seems to be winning the key swing states (Arizona, Florida, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Virginia) but the margins are very tight.

On Monday, President Trump visited North Carolina, Wisconsin and Michigan during his final hours of campaign. “We are going to gain four more years in this very beautiful White House,” he said during his speech in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Both candidates met their supporters in Pennsylvania, which is one of the most critical battleground states in 2020 election.

According to The Economist, Joe Biden is “very likely” to defeat Donald Trump. A political analysis website FiveThirtyEight also assumes that Biden is “favored” to win, but the president might still come out on top.