Seizing Motion: The Success Catalyst

At the age of 20, Natia Kapanadze first assumed a leadership position, and since then, her professional values have been rooted in reliability, responsibility, fairness, and openness. Creativity, a results-driven mindset, and a progressive attitude are the personal qualities that enable Natia to effectively manage processes. Throughout her 17-year career, she has explored various fields and made her mark in each one.

Natia has held leadership roles in marketing, sales, and commercial direction. Currently, she serves as the Director of Marketing and Product Development at Evex Clinics, overseeing Marketing, PR, Branding, Product Development, Sales, and Commercial functions.

In 2018, Natia transitioned to a managerial position in commercial direction at Evex Medical Corporation. The following year, she assumed the role of Commercial Director of Evex Clinics, and for the past two years, she has held her current position as Director of Marketing and Product Development. Natia credits her accumulated professional experience for her success in developing numerous successful projects within the healthcare sector, where she has now worked for six years.

A journalist by training, Natia began her career at Rustavi 2 TV company. Her time spent working on the business program “Candidate” convinced her that her communication skills would be valuable in marketing and branding—fields that demand creativity.

“In my profession, it is essential to think unconstrained, possess a strong desire for innovation, and effortlessly envision future growth prospects. By embracing these principles, one remains engaged in a continuous cycle of creativity and innovation, generating new opportunities for businesses, teams, and personal development. I find businesses that lack creative approaches to be rather dull, and I believe such organizations are less likely to make progress.

As a journalist with a bachelor’s degree, transitioning into the realm of business administration presents a considerable challenge. However, my profession allows me to maintain a connection to the creative process. The secret to achieving success across various industries lies in striking a balance between business administration and creative approaches. I have never been solely a business administration manager; instead, I constantly strive to foster collaboration between creativity and practical management.”

Natia embarked on her marketing journey in 2006 when she joined an advertising agency. She recalls that during this time, the market was not yet ripe with opportunities, and she considers herself fortunate to have found a position at the agency. Over the years, she managed marketing and PR projects for prominent companies such as Procter & Gamble, TBC Bank, Elite Electronics, Beko, Bank Republic, Natakhtari, Danone, Borjomi, Likani, Bakuriani, PSP, Alta, Aversi, and others.

Shortly after joining the advertising agency, I was presented with the opportunity to become the primary project manager, which led me to oversee the marketing projects of leading brands. The initial steps were challenging, but when you dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to the work and persevere, the subsequent steps undoubtedly become easier.

Natia shares that her years spent in the advertising industry provided her with the opportunity to collaborate with numerous successful companies, which ultimately contributed to her growth as a manager. The successful projects she executed during this time served as a stepping stone to leadership positions within large organizations. Up until 2014, Natia led the sales departments of Berta and Unison, as well as the marketing department of Ultra.

“Throughout my career, I have worked in various industries, encountering diverse team dynamics and adapting my management style accordingly. Despite these changes, I have consistently remained results-driven and detail-oriented. My experience on both the contractor and client sides has honed my attention to detail, which has consistently contributed to positive outcomes for my team and me. My priority is to be highly involved in the task management process while working with my team; however, in recent years, my team’s expertise has allowed me to confidently delegate tasks, and for that, I am grateful.

I believe that an effective managerial style is highly personal and should involve continuous progress. Being a manager entails not only responsibility for delivering results and meeting specific KPIs, but also for ensuring the well-being, motivation, and even happiness of team members so that their daily work experience is neither unproductive nor emotionally draining. Striking this balance is particularly challenging during crises, which are inevitable in any business, and often requires navigating stress to achieve various outcomes.

My years of experience have taught me that, above all, people and their emotions matter most. As managers, we must strike a balance when making decisions, always keeping in mind the importance of honesty. In essence, my managerial style is emotionally driven because I believe that without emotions, genuine value cannot be created.”

Beginning in 2014, Natia Kapanadze’s career progressed at ACC Distribution, a subsidiary of the Lithuanian international holding ACME GROUP. In this role, she managed the marketing of prominent international brands such as Dell, ASUS, Acer, Lenovo, Philips, Midea, Microsoft, and Daewoo in Georgia.

“Working with Georgian brands alongside my experience in an international Lithuanian company has been incredibly enriching. During my four-year tenure there, I gained valuable insights into European management styles, business approaches of global brands, as well as their marketing, branding, and product development strategies. Collaborating with international brands exposed me to contemporary approaches, fostered divergent thinking, and reinforced the importance of continuous progress in today’s dynamic business landscape.”

Natia Kapanadze emphasizes that in the realms of commerce and communication, it is crucial for a product, communication, or brand to be reliable, with a responsible and fair manager overseeing the process. This approach ensures mutually beneficial outcomes for all parties involved, often referred to as a win-win situation. Among her professional values, Natia highlights openness and approachability, as she believes that a distant or closed-off demeanor can obstruct business opportunities.

“Engaging with modern customers requires a keen focus on people, their values, and a proper understanding of their needs, as well as the value created for them. My profession is dedicated to this purpose, and it is imperative to be reliable, responsible, and fair in this field. Equally important is maintaining a direct and open-minded approach.”

Professional success is often closely tied to personal qualities. When asked about this topic, Natia identifies creativity, a results-driven mindset, and progressiveness as essential attributes of her character. For her, working on a new project brings a sense of inner satisfaction, which in turn fuels her creativity.

“Being results-oriented is a vital quality in our profession, second only to creativity. If you are not progress-driven and reluctant to think outside the box, you simply cannot create value for yourself, your team, or the company. Whatever you create, it is crucial to achieve the goals set before initiating the project. Businesses face numerous challenges, and resources are not always readily available. Thus, it is important to be resolute and maintain the right focus to guide your team towards the final outcome. Moreover, it is essential to avoid complacency, resist the temptation to settle into a slow pace, and refrain from moving in circles, especially when resources are dwindling.

“My experiences and partnerships have taught me to think differently and embrace a childlike perspective, which allows me to view the world as a more lighthearted and enjoyable place. Natia believes that to achieve success, one must have faith in limitless possibilities and be capable of overcoming barriers, risks, and stereotypes, even if only temporarily, in the pursuit of a creative idea.

When faced with challenges, Natia Kapanadze views them as new opportunities, which makes it easier to tackle obstacles. Experience plays a significant role as well, as it equips her with the knowledge to navigate problems based on the given circumstances and available resources. As a manager, one of Natia’s top priorities is to boost employee motivation. However, her 17 years of experience have shown that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work; individualized strategies are crucial. Above all, she believes that it is essential to genuinely desire the work process to bring happiness and success to her employees.

“I believe that personalized approaches are of the utmost importance. As a manager, it’s essential to understand the character, needs, and abilities of each team member and to be an advocate for their success. A motivated team is invaluable to a manager. Throughout my career, I’ve faced numerous challenges and varying scenarios, which are inevitable in a manager’s life. However, the key is to be able to recognize your own reflection in your team’s eyes, accurately assess their true potential, and continually manage their motivation. A motivated team accounts for at least 60% of the work already accomplished, and the emotions that motivated employees bring to the table are often more significant than the results themselves.”

Natia contends that success isn’t always achieved by moving forward; sometimes, taking two steps back is the correct course of action. This belief was solidified during her participation in a program focused on positive leadership, which she attended with the support of Evex Clinics.

“During one of the field trips, we participated in a rock-climbing lesson, where I discovered through engaging examples that there are instances when, rather than advancing, it’s necessary to take two steps back to find a more accurate path to success. I believe that for successful individuals, particularly managers, giving up is an alien concept. Instead, they adjust their tactics and strategies, which can often involve pausing or taking two steps back, ultimately propelling them ten steps forward.”

What does Natia consider to be the key to unlocking the path to success? In her view, the formula for success consists of knowing precisely what we want, maintaining a positive mindset, being honest with ourselves and others, and giving our all.

As for her own career aspirations, Natia Kapanadze aims to create a unique brand that will bring joy to people and simplify their lives. While she doesn’t have a specific blueprint in place, she continually envisions scenarios in which her work contributes to improving people’s lives.

“We reside in a rapidly progressing world where professions, particularly marketing, commerce, and business, evolve and adapt at a breakneck pace. The crucial aspect is to remain in motion, generating new information, experiences, and connections, which enable you to integrate your expertise with the modern world. Of course, continuous learning, especially in the academic realm, is vital. Embracing diverse knowledge is also important. In addition to holding an MBA in OM from ESM Business School, I consistently strive to participate in various training programs independently and engage in numerous educational initiatives within the company.”