Tips for Newcomer Entrepreneurs from ‘She’s Next’ Ambassadors | Empowered by Visa

Launched in 2019 in the United States, today She’s Next, Empowered by Visa is expanding globally as a part of Visa’s ongoing commitment to support micro and small businesses overall and female entrepreneurs in particular.

Within the 1st wave of Georgia’s She’s Next campaign, Visa in partnership with Forbes Woman Georgia launched She’s Next portal to feature stories of women in business. These stories show the path that She’s Next representatives have taken to build their business.

We want to invite you to read the advice of Georgian female leaders – Nino Zambakhidze, Ketevan Bochorishvili, Medea Tabatadze, Anano Dolaberidze, Nona Noniashvili, and Cristina Doros on the importance of experience-sharing, on turning ideas into a real business, dealing with challenges, and overcoming obstacles.

Nino Zambakhidze, Founder of Farmers’ Association

Photo Credits to Ana Boko / Forbes Woman Georgia

„Before starting our own business, it is necessary to study the sector in-depth, evaluate our own competitive advantages, and develop strategic action plans. It is essential to have a plan for all stages of business activities – otherwise, we may face a lot of unforeseen risks and barriers. In many cases, solving the problem might cost a lot. It is important to listen to advice, share your personal experience with others, and commit to self-development. The world is constantly evolving. Successful leaders are defined by their commitment to continuous education and self-development. Successful business leaders should never fear or give up.“

Keti Bochorishvili, Vice Chairman Of The Board at European School

Photo Credis to Ana Boko / Forbes Woman Georgia

„It is important to spend the necessary time on correct and effective communication. It is important to have effective negotiations with all stakeholders and thinkers and to have effective detail-oriented communication because without it any project will face many shortcomings. One of my tools, including preventing obstacles in advance, is to produce effective communication with all stakeholders.“

Anano Dolaberidze, Founder of „Phubber“

Photo Credits to Natia Asanidze / Forbes Woman Georgia

„I think women are very strong. Women are warriors. I want to tell them to stay motivated, to believe in themselves and their abilities. When there is an idea, when there are a purpose and self-belief, I think every woman can achieve what she wills. We must use any challenge, any difficulty for our development.“

Medea Tabatadze, Founder of „InSource“

Photo Credits to Ana Boko / Forbes Woman Georgia

„First, I think it is necessary to have a counselor, a coach who they turn to get advice from. This practice is quite common in the western market, the leaders of startups and giant companies have coaches, often even the CEOs of competing companies.

Second, it takes a lot of patience to start something. I have also had experience and heard from others that when you have a startup, you try a lot to not disappear from the market soon and have a profit. Such behavior can only be harmful – entrepreneurs deviate from their primary goal and the process takes away their resources and energy. When you start, you need to know exactly what you are starting.“

Nona Noniashvili, Co-founder of „Enkeni“

Photo Credits to Natia Asanidze / Forbes Woman Georgia

„As for advice, first of all, to start an agribusiness, you need readiness and great desire, because it is quite a difficult field and contains many details. It takes a lot of love for work to be successful in a business project, so I would advise beginner entrepreneurs to realize that this is an extremely difficult road. However, if you really believe in your own idea, if the main priority is your own startup, you should definitely take this step and fight to the end. Even in critical and difficult situations, again and again, self-belief and love of work give us strength.“

Cristina Doros, Visa’s Regional Manager for the Caucasus region

Photo Credits to Visa

„Never stop learning. Keep your eyes and mind open to new ideas, new circumstances, and new challenges – however painful they might seem to you as they happen. Lifelong learning is now recognized by all as one of the key competencies everyone must possess. Recent developments caused by the pandemic when our usual way of life – how we engage with each other, work and travel, study and entertain, so abruptly changed, proved how important it is to be flexible and agile, react quickly and be able to do things differently. Take advantage of training, coaching or mentoring opportunities you have and work on your continuous professional development as you will likely become better at what you do and more adaptable to the constant change.

Be bold and act, do not let your fears stop you from achieving your goals. Never in my professional career have I met a person who doesn’t have fears. Every entrepreneur, big or small, every leader is afraid of something – making the wrong decision, fail himself or let their team down, uncertain future etc. Confidence comes from an accurate analysis of all the factors and belief in the positive outcome and action. This is simply the way our brain designed – when you start acting, your brain becomes focused on action and this reduces fears.“