TBC Concept Hosts Photo Exhibition “Women of Georgia, Pearls of the Caucasus”

July 25th from 6 PM, TBC Concept Flagship, at Marjanishvili 7, is hosting a French photographer, Nathalie Tufenkjian’s exhibition “Women of Georgia, Pearls of the Caucasus”.

The project is a collaboration with  Jean-Marc Hofman.

For the past two years, Nathalie Tufenkjian has been using her talent as a natural light portrait photographer to capture the diversity of women in Georgia. Committed and powerful women, women of the heart, artists and holders of age-old traditions and know-how are all personalities whose essence and profound truth she has already captured through photography.

Through these portraits, a part of Georgia’s history is told. Each photography recalls the major role played by women in the construction of the country, its societal evolution, and its fame outside its borders. From the time of the founders, with Saint Nino, to the present day, yesterday and today, Georgia is written by them, and with them.

“WOMEN OF GEORGIA, Pearls of the Caucasus” is a vast project, Nathalie Tufenkjian continues to work on. The portraits presented in the exhibition are the first stage of this project.

Nathalie Tufenkjian took her first portrait in 1986. Her model is a young photographer who, under her lens, discovers himself in a new light, a sincere expression of his personality. Her passion for portraiture was born; her desire to capture the authenticity of people through photography has continued to grow ever since. Over the years, she has led Nathalie Tufenkjian on the roads of the world, to many theatres of experience and encounters, all more favorable to the exercise of her art. Her sharpness of vision, combined with a vitality of temperament, led her to work in the world of fashion as a photographer for the magazine Vogue Italia or the jeweler Cartier. Her attraction to travel and her passion for cultures have led to major reports in the Middle East (Jordan, Iran, Iraq, etc.) and in Latin America (Argentina, etc.). As natural light portrait photographer, Nathalie Tufenkjian captures the immediacy of her models with generosity and kindness, making Willy Ronis’ words her own: “The beautiful image is a geometry modulated by the heart”.

The project is supported by TBC and the French Institute of Georgia (Institute Frances). The exhibition will last until August 4.