Nino Tskhadaia – Successful Strategist

„In many cases, self-development is perceived as moving on a vertical line. We believe that development in some way means climbing higher, that is, we have to climb much higher than we are today. This is definitely true. However, we often forget that developing horizontally can be no less important. By developing horizontally, I mean discovering different interests within oneself and finding new directions. To do this, we need to encourage our own curiosity and constantly ask questions about ourselves and others. With constant search and self-knowledge, we become more courageous. And that courage, in the end, gives us confidence and we are not afraid of new challenges.“

These are the words of Nino Tskhadaia. She says that today because we live in a century of constant innovation and technological breakthroughs, it is even more important to be able to properly manage relationships, take initiative and take on new challenges.

Nino is the Director of Strategic Planning at Adjara Group. As she explains, Adjara Group is in the stage of rapid growth and development. With many ongoing projects, the organization is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities. In this abundance of new ideas, Nino’s duty is to develop a strategy for their implementation.

According to Nino, Adjara Group enables them to take on new challenges and test their forces in many different areas. It is a group that brings together many interesting people around interesting ideas, introducing new standards in the country, not only in terms of hospitality and urban development but also in the field of agriculture.

Before Adjara Group, Nino Tskhadaia worked in banking. For the past ten years, she has worked in Georgia’s leading banks. Everything started as a corporate banker at the Bank of Georgia while she was still an undergraduate student, then at Liberty Bank, and later at Bank Republic. Prior to joining Adjara Group, Nino worked in investment banking at TBC Capital.

As she herself recalls, the transition to a new job almost always coincided with new projects of different banks. „It was a new team with new goals,“ Nino says. The development of a strategy of action, the introduction of a new vision and mission were her main goals. Her experience in the banking sector has improved her ability to discover new opportunities, shape them and then help innovate.

While speaking to Nino Tskhadaia, I recalled a famous quote of English philosopher Herbert Spencer: „The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.“

Nino has completed a Masters Degree in Business Administration at Columbia University in New York. She believes that this was one of the best decisions that she ever made in terms of education and career.

„Columbia University allows you to learn from distinguished lecturers who may even be Nobel Laureates. At the same time, your coursemates are very interesting people with a unique vision and international experience which help your personal growth and development“ says Nino, when discussing the time she spent at Columbia University.

„New York is a place where you can find yourself and re-evaluate all the beliefs that you have had so far in life. It is a city that gives you a great experience and a city that teaches you hard work; to a certain extent, one can say that living in New York is a school by itself. If you manage to integrate New York and keep up with its fast pace, you will find that nothing is impossible“ says Nino’s of her New York life experience, which played a significant role in her professional and personal growth.

Nino complimented her Western education with professional experience in Georgia, which enabled her to work herself in the country’s private sector.

Adjara Group is the best place to accomplish this goal because it is constantly focused on innovation and therefore plays an important role in the formation of modern Georgia, The company has also been instrumental in the development of tourism, which in itself contributes to the country’s economic progress,” says Nino.

For Nino, success is associated with a continuous process of self-development. „Everything needs work,“ she says and believes that „stepping out of the comfort zone and showing courage are the prerequisites for success.“

At the end of the interview, Nino advises all those who seek to succeed in life: „Today, when we are no longer in the information vacuum, new interests, search for new opportunities and constant efforts are necessary to succeed. Believe in yourself, your desires and you will be able to achieve everything.“


Author: Nini Turkia
Photo: Ana Boko