Visa appoints Diana Kiguradze as Senior Director, Country Manager for Caucasus

Visa today announced the appointment of Diana Kiguradze as Senior Director, Country Manager for the Caucasus region. In her new role, Diana Kiguradze will focus on growing the electronic payments business in Georgia and Armenia by enhancing the value Visa provides to banks, merchants, and cardholders.

“We are pleased to introduce Diana Kiguradze as a new Country Manager in the Caucasus. Diana has demonstrated her dedication and passion alongside the team of professionals in the Caucasus region, and we have no doubt she will play a key role in accelerating Visa’s expansion in the region by driving our strategy forward,” said Vira Platonova, SVP, Group Country Manager for Visa, Ukraine, Georgia & CISSEE.

Diana came to Visa in 2018, and as a Business Development Director managed clients in Georgia and Armenia. Diana is a great contributor to the Caucasus strategy as a whole supporting Products and Marketing, Fintechs and Digital Payments with her energy, proactivity and passion that has helped deliver outstanding results. Diana has more than 15 years of experience in retail banking, sales, business development, cards and digital channels. Prior to joining Visa, she was leading TBC Bank’s Remote Sales department and Cards Development department in VTB Bank Georgia. Earlier she was managing Smart Club as well as leading cards and remote products sales in TBC.

In her new role, Diana Kiguradze replaces Cristina Doros, who recently celebrated her five-year anniversary with Visa and with extremely well-deserved recognition of her strong performance and professionalism has been promoted to VP, Country Manager for Central Asia and Azerbaijan.

“I am delighted to step into my new role at Visa and thankful for this exciting opportunity. Having worked closely with our business partners, clients, and regulators over the past years, I am proud of Visa’s leading role in driving digital payments in Caucasus. In my new position, I plan to focus on expanding this heritage by introducing innovative digital payment products and solutions,” Diana Kiguradze said.

Diana holds Master’s Degree in Project management from the George Washington University (in collaboration with ESI International) and Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Free University, which she graduated with highest GPA score. Diana holds Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from ESM-Tbilisi.