A New Year Cocktail by Aleksander Siradekian at IERI STORE in Tbilisi 

Photo Credits to Giorgi Kardava

Aleksander Siradekian, a well-known shoe designer, together with the IERI store team, gathered their friends and clients for a Christmas cocktail in the heart of the Wine Factory N1, in Tbilisi, to celebrate the start of the partnership. Starting this winter season, shoes by ALEKSANDER SIRADEKIAN are available in Tbilisi at IERI Store.

The evening began with live violin music and friendly greetings and continued with a public talk held by Sofia Guguberidze, IERI STORE owner, and Natela Potskhveriya, IERI STORE PR director, together with Aleksander Siradekian. The three were talking about Aleksander’s way to success, his best clients, his muses, and future plans. All the guests filled in the lottery tickets to win a pair of shoes.

Photo Credits to Giorgi Kardava

The winner was announced after the public talk. The children of Miranda Mirianashvili pulled the card with the name of the winner — Irina Kapanadze (LUTECIA).

Among guests, there were fashion entrepreneur Maka Asatiani, singer Miranda Mirianashvili, beauty expert Teona Tavartkiladze, singer Lela Tsurtsumia, Keta Lomidze and Mariam Sparsiashvili (Forbes Woman), Tako Ananiashvili (King David) together with her mother Maia Devdariani, Nino Tskitishvili (LOOK Models founder), Nina Tchabukiani (Anouki), Sofiko Shevardnadze, TV-hosts Manika Asatiani and Salome Arshba, Ketevan Kherkheulize (MUZARADI), Tamuna Ingorokva (Ingorokva), Tamuna Korkia (Dessange), dancer and model Irinka Chkhenkeli, model Kristie Kipshidze, Nata Rogava (CEDEX) and many more.


Aleksander says that his shoes are not for special occasions — they are for your everyday life because life itself is a special occasion.

Aleksander Siradekian was born on May 14, 1978 in Tbilisi, Georgia. He studied at the Tbilisi Academy of Arts. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, he moved to Moscow. Since 1997 he has been working as a stylist with celebrities. Aleksander’s first project was Fresh Art, a couture brand dressing celebrities. Aleksander was making shoe collections and did overall styling for the project together with his two partners. Among Fresh Art clients were singer Marilyn Manson and his ex-wife Dita von Teese. Brand ALEKSANDER SIRADEKIAN was established in 2013, and the first big success was in Paris at the TRANOI fashion trade exhibition. In 2019 Aleksander created his first collection of shoes in collaboration with London-based designer of Georgian origin David Koma. Together they created three collections shown at London Fashion Week.

Photo Credits to Giorgi Kardava

Today ALEKSANDER SIRADEKIAN shoes are presented in Paris, Monaco, Dubai, Barcelona, Kiev, Odesa, and other big cities around the world.  Every shoe has its name, and some of them are devoted to Aleksander’s friends and muses like “Emma”, called so after Alik’s mother Emma; or “Miranda” after a singer Miranda Mirianashvili or “Eka” after it-girl Eka Orjonikidze. In partnership with A1Tuning company, Alik created interiors for the Mercedes-Benz V-VIP luxury car 10. The iconic pieces of the brands are pumps with delicate fringe called IZO bow and a shoe collection with flags called “World without borders,” which the designer had launched just before the pandemic broke out.

Adriana Lima and other prominent celebrities are devoted clients of the brand. However, Aleksander’s muse has always been his wife, Liza, a singer and a socialite. The couple has two lovely daughters, Emmanuelle and Vivienne.


A multifunctional concept store IERI is located right in the heart of the Vera area, on the second floor of a historical winery (GHVINIS KARKHANA N1). The main aim of IERI is to change the stereotypical perception of the country and to develop the fashion retail industry. We are the first to gather most Georgian brands in one unique space. A space more accurately to be named an “inspiration spot” rather than just a concept store.

Photo Credits to Giorgi Kardava

We represent over 25 designers who are initially from Georgia or who have found their inspiration here: 0711, Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili, Aleksander Siradekian, Anouki, Crosty, David Koma, George Keburia, Idée Fixe, Ingorokva, Lalo, Le Chic Radical, Le Mocassin Zippe, Liya, Materiel, Situationist, Sofio Gongli, Tata Naka, Tatuna, Tiko Paksa and collection inspired by traditional Georgian clothes all handmade by Samoseli Pirveli Atelier as well as antique carpets, books and Georgia inspired gifts.

Some pieces are exclusively presented in Georgia at IERI.