Visa Georgia Provides Additionally 300,000 USD to Support Humanitarian Efforts in Ukraine

Visa team in Georgia provides an instant aid donation of 200 thousand US Dollars to the Georgia Red Cross Society and 100 thousand US Dollars by double matching of all donations made by Visa cardholders. 

Georgia team of Visa, a global leader in digital payments, joins the immediate humanitarian response to the needs of the conflict-affected families in Ukraine and provides an additional instant fixed donation of 200 thousand US Dollars to the Georgia Red Cross Society. On top of that, up to 100 thousand US Dollars by double matching of all donations made by Visa cardholders on the website[1] of Georgia Red Cross Society. The final beneficiary of the amount is the Red Cross Ukraine which will deliver vital humanitarian supplies and services to those in need.

The Visa team in Georgia encourages all Georgian citizens, holding a Visa card to join the campaign along with the Georgia Red Cross Society and make their contribution in delivering life-saving goods and services to conflict-affected families and individuals in Ukraine. The special fundraising online platform is established on All citizens of Georgia can easily access and raise money to support vulnerable communities facing devastation and a serious humanitarian crisis, caused by an open military invasion in Ukraine.

„Our Visa team stands on the side of kindness and peace. We believe that together we are stronger to encourage Ukrainian families and friends facing devastating hardship, help to avoid a serious humanitarian crisis. In this regard, the Visa team in Georgia is proud to support the humanitarian relief efforts of the Red Cross Society. To that end, we are providing an instant donation to Georgia Red Cross Society to be transferred to Red Cross Ukraine and at the same time, start double matching individual donations made by Visa cardholders using the Georgia Red Cross Society website. By doing so, we are encouraging Georgian citizens as longstanding friends of Ukrainian people to join the campaign and make a contribution to humanitarian assistance.” Said Diana Kiguradze, Regional Manager for Caucasus Region, Visa.

„Georgia Red Cross Society continues to raise funds to support those in need in Ukraine. Together with Visa, we launched a fundraising campaign, Visa has already transferred 200,000 USD Dollars, which will be fully donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross. We constantly seek fundraising opportunities. The active engagement of the business sector due to providing support for more people in Ukraine is very important. I would like to thank Visa for this contribution and I believe we continue our cooperation in the future as well. “ Stated Natia Loladze, President of the Georgia Red Cross Society.

Beyond these efforts, Visa Foundation already donated USD 2 million to support humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine giving a grant to the US Fund for UNICEF, and an additional USD 1 million was provided by Visa through double matching of all Visa employees’ donations to the Ukraine response funds of UNICEF and the Red Cross.