Bank of Georgia for female entrepreneurs

© Bank of Georgia | Irakli Chelidze

“What do our customers care about? And what can we do for them?”

This question is often asked by the Bank of Georgia, the representative of our commercial  financial sector and our follower and friend. 

Nowadays, we are no longer surprised by the personification of the brand of large scale organizations; So, how does the Bank of Georgia look like in our imagination – a person in a tie staring at his watch constantly? That may be – the Bank of Georgia is truly the country’s leading bank in terms of assets, loans and customer deposits, but it has also been supporting women across the country for years, giving them the opportunity to  launch new businesses or expand existing ones. 

It turns out that whilst having a  well-balanced personality, the Bank of Georgia is a caring person who understands the challenges facing female entrepreneurs in today’s reality and seeks to encourage them through specialized trainings and give them practical advice on financial need management.

“What steps should we follow to increase the financial knowledge of female entrepreneurs?”

The Bank of Georgia answers –  “Talk actively with them on topics such as business financing, development opportunities, business needs, digital marketing and more.”

This was exactly the goal of the Bank of Georgia and the National Bank of Georgia’s joint project, which provided female entrepreneurs with the opportunity to better evaluate their own businesses, understand the available sources of business financing , and receive practical advice on how to increase product and service sales online.

© Bank of Georgia | Irakli Chelidze

“ It is a great initiative that the bank has non-financial contact with its customers and meetings are held not as lectures but as discussions. On the basis of the knowledge gained, female entrepreneurs have the opportunity to borrow loans in a more conscious way ”- Tatia Lortkipanidze, Trainer. 

“These kinds of  meetings make our relationships with r customers easier and more comfortable; they also help us set future plans and goals. And the most enjoyable part  is the feedback that we get from the participants, ”- Ninia Mamardashvili, trainer

“If I had been to such training seven years ago, I would have saved a lot of time, because it’s very important for me as a female entrepreneur to have the information I need to run a business,” said Ioana Nakashidze, “Oxygen” representative.

“I did not even think that I would have the opportunity to be part of this necessary and exciting event, completely free of charge. It is important for female entrepreneurs to know what are the right directions and focuses – something that our business very much needs. All this gives us great motivation and makes us very confident ”- Marekhi Meladze, representative of “Event Decorator”. 

“What is the power of women?” I ask this question to almost all of my respondents. The Bank of Georgia has the following answer:

“The power of women – in empowering one another!”