New Year, New Opportunity – Evolution Gaming

It is said that the first impressiondefines and changes many things. This article is about how I found myself in Tbilisis one of the most cooperative companies with a high amount of personnel and how I came to believe that opportunity is the key, not experience. 

Ive heard a lot about Evolution Gaming. It is always attention-grabbing to hear the attitude of the employees who point out that this company cares about them constantly and that every person in the position perceives themselves to be an important part of the team. However, as promised, this article will depict my experience, the one I prepared to share with you. 

Katie Goliadze, Communications Manager at Evolution Gaming, came out to meet me at the reception and welcomed me to the workspace. I should also point out that the work environment looked quite comfortable and friendly, but I learned way more about it by talking to Katie. 

Evolution Gaming is a Swedish company operating in 14 countries and offering B2B service to Georgia since late 2017 and is a platform for live casinos. “Multi-employee” is a very accurate description of our company, since it employs 3,000 people in Georgia only and plans to increase that number. In terms of the company’s employees’ middle age, Evolution Gaming shines with an average age of 25 years.

Apart from this factual, though important information, the most appreciated and perhaps unbelievable is that Evolution Gaming does not require work experience and gives everyone a chance, especially to those with capacities and a sense of responsibility. To be honest, I was surprised. However, Katie clearly explained that there is very little demand from potential employees, that is, proficiency in English, Russian or Turkish for the position of presenting the game. However, there are also positions, where language skills are not required. The experience for Evolution Gaming may not be the most important, but a friendly attitude and being constantly organized are essential.

In addition to my impressions, I also asked my host a few questions that I shall share.

What makes Evolution Gaming so special?

The first thing everyone feels about and points out is the work environment, the atmosphere, and perhaps most of all, this is what Evolution Gaming is all about. However, a special focus on staff and openness is also very important to us. It is this approach that inspired our campaign to position Evolution Gaming in Georgia. The highlight of the #EVOnofilter campaign is the evolutionary career ladder that symbolically reflects the reality that growth and development in our company depend solely on the ability of people, and echoes exactly that key promise – “You get what you see.”

We launched a simple page within the campaign where you will find a fairly simple application, which will help you be amongst the candidates after completing it. Also, we have rejected all set footage, and our campaign has been composed of people already employed here, thus demonstrating once again that open and natural communication is the most important to us. We hold open house days for future employees and their families to showcase our workplace and environment.

How do you advance organizational culture among employees?

This is a very important part of us, as each of our employees is very valuable and we strive to provide a pleasant everyday working environment with various initiatives. In addition to providing them with a very good insurance package, our office space includes a sports hall and a personal trainer service that all employees use as they wish. Besides, we are organizing events where we celebrate joint achievements and successes, such as our first anniversary and so on.

A few words about employment and chances for professional development.

Recruitment involves several stages, first is registering at filling out the application for the desired position. After application evaluation, the next stage of applying is a job interview. If the interview is completed successfully, the candidate becomes “Evolutioner.” After that training sessions start that last from 9 to 12 days and are payable.

We also have a lot to offer in terms of career development, our staff has to go through a six-month probationary period in any position before being promoted. 6 months is the minimum amount of time a new employee needs to fully adapt, with one position being called a mentor in this regard. This person helps all employees to get used to the work environment and adapt to other employees as much as possible. At the same time, there is a sharing club set up by the HR department, where employees share technical or personal experience. That’s what we mean, when we say, #Evocares!

After talking to Katie, I was preparing to leave when the staff wished me a Happy New Year. It was after this blessing that I got reminded that for many people the new year means new opportunities and challenges, and if many did not know what this new opportunity might be, it might be Evolution Gaming’s offer to start a career in this company.