Exclusive Signature of Premiere Group

Everything here is exclusive regarding beer, European wine, cocktails, whiskey, vodka, and gin. Forbes Woman will now tell you about the Premiere Group. The company’s history began in 2019 when it became the official and exclusive representative of the leading Belgian breweries in Georgia. Then there were Dutch breweries, Australian wine, and Italian and Spanish brands. Soon, Premiere Group went beyond alcoholic beverages and entered the hotel industry and the line of decorative cosmetics. Although the company is only three years old, it already has much to tell.

Photo Credits to Lasha Ghughunishvili

The general director of Premiere Group, Tinatin Didava, tells us that one of the company’s main products is Belgian beer. Premiere Group made its first statement in the market with this product, and even now, it is the most widely represented Belgian beer in the company’s assortment. It is logical to choose Belgian beer; according to various historical sources, they started brewing there as early as the 12th century. Where are they today? This small historical excursion also says a lot about it. At this stage, the official representative of Premiere Group is the widest selection of breweries, such as Chimay, Huyghe (Delirium,) Duvel Moortgat, and monastic, aromatic beers. If your favorite is Dutch beer, the company exclusively cooperates with such well-known Dutch breweries as United Dutch Breweries and the premium beer brand Oranjeboom 16%.

“Although our country is considered the homeland of wine, European wines are also top-rated in Georgia. We have exclusive cooperation with the Australian Yellow tail of the Casella family, which has been recognized as the most-loved wine brand in the world for the last three years. Also in the assortment of the Premiere Group company are the wines of the Italian winery Tomassi. Prosecco of this company is especially popular in Georgia, as well as the Spanish sparkling wine, cava of Juve de Camps. This drink is an integral part of Michelin restaurants.”

Tina tells us that Georgian consumers like Coppa’s ready-made cocktails, which are recognized as the number one Dutch brand in the world. This company combines the world’s leading 14 types of cocktails like Negroni, Mojito, Mai Tai, and more.

Premiere Group is represented on the market with its specialized showroom and a shop named Premiere located at 76 Vasil Barnov street in Tbilisi. The company sells its products through its online store – www.premiere.ge. You can find the assortment of partner brands of Premiere Group at almost all leading markets throughout Georgia, both in supermarket chains and in the Horeca sector. When it comes to distribution, Premiere Group is not limited to Georgia, and brands are distributed through partners in the Transcaucasian region.

“We have exclusive rights to the listed brands throughout the region – Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan. We also cover Ukraine, and we believe that this market will soon become active again. Our goal is to make the most of existing markets and increase sales. The team of Premiere Group is working to make our products even more popular throughout Transcaucasia.”

The general director of Premiere Group says that the company’s price policy is similar to the current trend in the world and is aimed at the middle and high-income segments. Tina tells us that transportation costs have become more expensive, and the import tax has increased. Therefore, the company’s strategy is to make the prices in Georgia the same as the world prices. For example, the Premiere Group assortment includes beer that costs 6.50 GEL and beer that costs 15 GEL. The cost of European wines ranges from 25 to 300 GEL. Ready-made cocktails, where 6-7 servings can be prepared from each bottle, cost 60 GEL.

“We have no competitors in the Belgian beer on the local market because our range includes all the leading products – more than 80 products. As for European wines, we have our segment here as well. All products we offer customers are distinguished by their quality and the unique history of the brand.”

Beyond the alcoholic beverages business, Premiere Group will soon make another statement in the hotel business. Due to the covid pandemic, the hotel’s construction, temporarily delayed, will be completed in about two months. A 15-room hotel, “Château Tsinandali,” in the heart of Tsinandali, will serve its guests its wine.

“Château Tsinandali” will offer guests budget prices, which will be 100-150 GEL, including breakfast. We expect to host guests next year. Until then, we will work in test mode. Premiere Group has already bottled five types of exclusive, premium-line wine. “Château Tsinandali” wine has been on sale since the end of June – Rkatsiteli, Green, Cabernet, Saferavi, Rkatsiteli-Mtsvane – “Château Tsinandali” will be represented on the market in this variety at the first stage. Our wine will be sold all over Georgia, and we have already started negotiations with other countries to export it.” There is a demand for the product in Europe and Asia. The first exports will be to Azerbaijan in November, Gadi, England, and Italy.

“Premiere Group was able to introduce many important brands in the Georgian market within three years. This company is like a third child for me because exclusive cooperation with all brands results from a lot of work and love. We should continue like this in the future. We are still actively working on finding new brands and increasing sales. Two other important brands have signed an agreement and will appear on our market next year.”