​​Maya Gogokhia’s “Alcove”

Observe the successful individuals around you and consider their common traits. Despite their differing fields, paths, educational backgrounds, and methods, one thing unites them: a deep passion for their work.

Photo Credits to Sopho Papiashvili

Maya Gogokhia embodies this ethos as a fervent lover of her profession. She has spent years in the furniture and interior design industry and currently leads Alcove, a multi-brand gallery specializing in interior design and decoration. Her goal is to establish Alcove as a leading figure in Georgia’s design sector.

“If I hadn’t had such a profound love for my work, overcoming the hurdles and challenges I faced would have been improbable. These setbacks have only enriched my experience and fueled my motivation to reach my goals,” she reflects.

Maya believes that enthusiasm and relentless effort enable people to craft spaces that radiate positive energy.

She speaks passionately and at length about her profession. Maya is acutely aware of the responsibility entailed in her work, considering that people spend around 22 hours daily indoors, predominantly at home. Her goal, along with her team, is to transform ordinary spaces into homes that foster a deep sense of belonging in their occupants.

“The intricacies of interior arrangement are crucial since, beyond its practical use, an interior should evoke emotion. This emotion, stemming from a tastefully and qualitatively designed environment, grows more familiar and precious over time, fostering a lasting sense of ‘home,’” she explains.

Maya emphasizes the significance of listening and collaboration in her work. She believes these elements are key to crafting the perfect product.

“Understanding and respecting others’ needs and desires is crucial. I value the trust clients place in me when they share their feelings… This trust and active involvement make our work at the company more appealing, efficient, and interesting.”

While reticent about discussing herself, Maya is eager to speak about her team.

Photo Credits to Architecture Studio STIPFOLD

Alcove’s team, bound by their shared love for their work, recognizes interior design — the right selection of furniture and decor — as more than aesthetic enhancement; it’s an investment that appreciably increases a property’s value.

Maya views her role as facilitating both consumers and professionals in expressing their identities, goals, and aspirations through design and furniture. Alcove pays special attention to specialists who choose the gallery for realizing their visions.

“The industry I’m involved in is dynamic and constantly evolving. It’s imperative to continuously seek innovation and development. I’ve worked for years with a select group of experts in this field, and meeting their standards provides a powerful incentive for Alcove to become an essential platform for realizing their ideas. I often select potential business partners and our future European producers based on their needs and preferences,” she says.

Photo Credits to Architecture Studio STIPFOLD

Alcove’s name reflects the nature of its creations: niche, distinctive, sophisticated, tasteful, and bold — much like its clientele. The confidence and trust of its customers grant Maya and her team the liberty to design environments that are simultaneously ultra-modern and personalized.

Currently, they are collaborating with Stipfold on an exceptional project in Batumi. This penthouse in the city’s old quarter boasts stunning sea and boulevard views. The project emphasizes ergonomic design to create a space that is both comfortable and conducive to mental and physical well-being. Though incomplete, the penthouse’s minimalist and modern design has already garnered considerable admiration.

Since its inception, Alcove has undertaken numerous successful projects in Georgia and abroad, including Italy and the United Arab Emirates. Its established experience allows the company to transcend boundaries and innovate. Alcove’s extensive network of connections and partners facilitates this growth.

In collaboration with globally renowned galleries and designers, Alcove offers not only modern furniture, lighting, and finishing materials but also unique, vintage items from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Photo Credits to Architecture Studio STIPFOLD

Alcove, much like Maya in this industry, has established a distinctive market presence. For her, interior design is an investment comparable to real estate, a potential she has been cultivating since 2011.

Upon her return to Georgia 12 years ago, Maya boldly ventured into the elite furniture sector, introducing the country to brands like Baker Furniture. She recalls, “2011 marked the introduction of a novel trend in Georgian interior design, featuring high-quality American-designed and produced furniture and accessories from the renowned company Baker. This venture, though risky, proved successful as the Georgian market quickly embraced Baker’s refined aesthetics.”

“The world of architecture and design not only adopts but often creates new trends. The global elite furniture market is a melting pot of skilled professionals and premium materials.”

Maya acknowledges the difficulty of establishing herself in this competitive arena, yet she views her journey as both challenging and enriching, offering ample opportunities for professional growth.

Photo Credits to Sopho Papiashvili

Despite various obstacles, Maya prefers not to dwell on them. Her journey has been one of perseverance and resilience, overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges with hope and determination. She considers herself a risk-taker and a strong woman.

“I had to persevere, having assumed responsibility for myself and those who believed in me. Difficult times were instructive; I learned about the replaceability of people and became more cautious, yet my trust in others remains unshaken.”

Maya advises budding entrepreneurs to view small setbacks as learning experiences. She continues on her path with Alcove, harboring no regrets. Even her decision to stay in Georgia despite winning the American green card lottery underscores her commitment to her homeland and her profession. Moreover, she harbors a personal mission: to return to Abkhazia, the home she left at age 10, and realize a dream project in Sukhumi.

“Everything needed for a better life is here,” Maya Gogokhia and Alcove maintain, steadfastly pursuing their goals.