Mumsy – Transforming Postpartum Self-Care for Georgian Mothers

Today marks a milestone for new mothers across Georgia as Mumsy, an innovative postpartum self-care brand, officially launches. Designed to support women as they navigate the often challenging postpartum period, Mumsy aims to empower mothers with the essential tools needed for a smoother recovery and enhanced well-being.

The postpartum period, a critical phase for new mothers, often comes with physical, emotional, and psychological changes. Recognizing the unique needs of this time, Mumsy has curated a comprehensive kit that addresses the multifaceted aspects of postpartum care.

Each Mumsy kit includes healing essentials such as:

  • Delivery gown, used for delivery or after birth;
  • Peri bottle to maintain the hygiene in the postpartum period;
  • Maxi Ice pads, which is recommended from the moment of giving birth for a faster and smoother recovery;
  • Postpartum disposable underwears;
  • Witch Hazel foam, essential ingredient to deal with the discomfort in the first weeks of your postpartum.

These innovative products of Mumsy transforms the postpartum self care in Georgia as it sets standards according to the World Health Organization’s international recommendations in postpartum self care. Except introducing novel products, Mumsy aims raising awareness on postpartum issues, such as mental and physical well-being for women empowerment.  

“We are thrilled to introduce Mumsy to the mothers of Georgia. Our mission is to make the postpartum period as supportive and nurturing as possible. We believe that every mother deserves to feel cared for and valued during this transformative time, and Georgian moms deserve access to such products. So, Mumsy is here to provide that support,” said Mari Goguadze, Co-Founder of Mumsy.

Mumsy kits are now available for purchase online and will soon be available in select retail stores across Georgia. For more information about Mumsy, upcoming events, and to purchase a kit, please visit our social media pages:

Instagram: Mumsy • მამსი

Facebook: Mumsy