ZEG – Tbilisi Storytelling Festival

ZEG Tbilisi Storytelling Festival, the first-ever international storytelling festival in the region, and one of Georgia’s most highly anticipated events of the year, is set to open its doors at 10am on June 21.

The festivals program includes discussions, immersive conversations, on-stage interviews, film screenings, workshops, educational tours and informal events across the festival’s several stages.

Co-founded in 2019 by Impact Hub Tbilisi and Coda Story, the 3-day event promises an immersive experience celebrating the power of storytelling. The festival brings together leading professionals and thinkers from around the world and dozens of industries to figure out how we can craft narratives for the future. Spanning a variety of topics from advances in Artificial Intelligence, to journalism, global elections, protests in Georgia and the state of arts and culture around the world, the festival will curate some of the world’s brightest minds through sessions that aim to provoke and inspire the audiences.

“I didn’t know much about ZEG before I came, but the quality of curation and the conversation is truly impressive. I can tell you that this is going to be a huge global event,” said ZEG 2023 speaker, actor and activist Sean Penn.

The festival’s rich program is designed for the festival’s diverse, globally curious audience. The ZEG Fest 2024 line up of 108 speakers includes: Maria Ressa, Nobel Peace Prize laureate; Gary Steyngart, novelist and The New York Times bestselling author; Bao Nguyen, an Emmy-nominated filmmaker whose name is associated with documentaries about Bruce Lee and the world-famous hit We Are the World; Johnny Harris, multiple Emmy-winning journalist, contributor to The New York Times and author of a 5 million YouTube channel, Molly Crabapple, an artist whose animated films have been nominated for three Emmys; Joe Sabia, creator of Vogue’s iconic 73 Questions; Volodymyr Yermolenko, Ukrainian philosopher and editor-in-chief of UkraineWorld.org; Adam Pincus, Emmy, Webby, and Cannes Lion Award-winning film producer and creative director; and many other leading professionals from the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. This year, the festival will feature a record number of Georgian speakers, with many sessions dedicated to the current events unfolding in Georgia.

Organizers: Impact Hub Tbilisi, Coda Story

Partners: TBC Concept, Visa, US Embassy in Georgia, Radio Liberty, The International Fund For Public Interest Media, Strategy and Development Center CSD, British Embassy in Georgia, Civil Society Foundation, IREX, Setanta Sports, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROOMS, MARGO, Honore, Jujuna, Windfor’s, Likani, EFES Georgia, SOC.

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Address: 4 Constitution Str.