Ford and Google Will Provide Next-Gen Automotive Infotainment

Photo Credits to FORD

In recent years, collaborations are always happening. Many of the world’s automakers are having alliances with primary technology provides to have cloud computing services and access to digital assistant platforms, as it is done in other industries. Ford announced that it had signed a six-year agreement with Google, which will start at the end of 2021. The company will use the Google Cloud Platform. From 2023 new Ford and Lincoln cars will use Android automotive in order to power infotainment.

Android Automotive has been adopted by several other automakers, such as Stellantis, Volvo, Renault, and General Motors. At first, Android Automotive was designed for smartphones, which could be used in vehicles; this variant of the operating system can develop their user interfaces. They also have the option to include Google apps.

Photo Credits to FORD MOTOR CO.

Worth noting that on mobile devices, Google has many apps, such as Chrome, Gmail, Google Assistant, Maps, and the Google Play app store, which is known as Google Mobile Services (GMS). Google Automotive Services (GAS) can be used as well in vehicles. However, there is a difference, GMS and GAS are closed-source apps, which must have a license by the manufacturer, unlike the base operating system.

Like GM and Volvo, Ford will have GAS in its Android-based infotainment, as well as the cloud-connected assistants. Due to the fact that vehicles in motion can lose connectivity easily, a local sub-set of possibilities is also discussed as a backup for the vehicle. Ford also wants to develop the customer experience by using cloud services. In 2022, an automated driving business will be launched by them to reach the goal.