Visa Along With USAID Economic Security Program Announces ICT Champion Category Winner of the Grace Hopper Award Program in Georgia

Visa in partnership with USAID Economic Security Program in Georgia distinguished Nana Dikhaminjia as a winner of the ICT Champion category and awarded with a special money prize – 5 thousand Gel. Visa, as a support organization joined the Grace Hopper Award Program in Georgia, founded by the USAID Economic Security Program in partnership with TBC Bank and UN Women. The award ceremony of the program was held on June 10 and recognized the winners in six categories of the contest.

The winner of the ICT Champion category, Director of Digital Transformation Center at the Alte University – Nana Dikhaminjia is actively working in the educational field and makes a special contribution to strengthening the role of women in the field of information and communication technologies.

The ICT Champion Award is a special nomination, that recognizes the most accomplished professionals and changemakers in the field of ICT who are making a significant impact within the organization, the community, or the country regardless of the type of sector they represent whether it’s education, private sector, government, consulting, or non-profit.

“We are thrilled to award Nana Dikhaminjia as the winner of the ICT Champion category.  Being part of the Grace Hopper Award program corresponds to our priorities to support women in tech and innovations, and advance them on a global level. Our team believes, that the winner receives our strong support and becomes a member of our big network. I am extremely happy to hand over a special money prize of 5 thousand Gel to Nana as our contribution to the active work she does. I would like to thank organizers for giving us an opportunity to support and empower the women community in the country.” – noted Diana Kiguradze, Visa Regional Manager for the Caucasus region and one of the members of the jury of established professionals assessing the nominations of the program.

Engaging as a supporter organization in the Grace Hopper Award Program and awarding the ICT Champion category winner is another step forward for Visa in its efforts of supporting women, advancement of innovations and also, and contributing to the development of an equal society. All three directions are an integral part of Visa’s mission to connect the world through the most innovative, convenient, reliable and secure payments network enabling individuals, businesses and economies to thrive.